Firm Overview

Consulting Services

Linden has offered consulting services to a variety of clients, including not for profit developers, for profit developers, and municipalities. A partial list of the services it has provided in the past appears below.

  • Financial Feasibility – To determine if a potential development is financially feasible, Linden can conduct a Preliminary Feasibility Study, including the creation of pro-forma development and operating budgets with cash flow and debt service analysis and a review of the market study and demand analysis.
  • Capital Structure – In connection with determining financial feasibility, Linden has strong relationships with funding partners, both in Puerto Rico and the continental United States. As a consequence, we are able to assist our clients with securing grants and/or loans via various available state and federal incentives, including HOME, AHP and other programs. Linden can also provide assistance in identifying the best lender for your development, including assurance of conformity with each lending program and the LIHTC.
  • Development Team – Developers and their consultants must be able to effectively manage a team of professionals in their pursuit of a successful development. Linden provides assistance in the selection of these team members that will play a major role in the success of the project, including the accountant, architect, attorney, general contractor, lender, market analyst, property manager among others. The selection of the development team members is based on objective evaluation criteria, including, but not limited to, experience, track record, service, fees, and product type.
  • LIHTC Program – Linden has managed the development of over 1,000 LIHTC units and secured well over $100 Million in LIHTC to date. Linden can assist in the LIHTC process to ensure submitted LIHTC applications are prepared to meet federal and state standards. Linden has provided clients extensive assistance conceptualizing affordable housing projects to satisfy the goals of the development team, identified project team members and co-partners, if needed, prepared the development team for presentations to public bodies or local boards, offered guidance through each stage of the LIHTC process, including threshold review, competitive cure, reservation review, underwriting, carryover, HFA monitoring visits, and served as a liaison between developers and their LIHTC investors.
  • Non-Financial – Linden can assist clients with many non-financial development issues, a partial list of which would include: how to structure land acquisition, optimizing density and land use mix, negotiating public/private partnerships, organizing and managing a project team, dealing with concerns of the public, and navigating the planning, design, construction and overall development process.